15 October, 8:00 pm

Municipal Gallery Bratislava

Mirbach Palace

Anastasia Kuzmichova is a choreographer, dancer and teacher. From 2006 to 2017 she taught in the Freedance studio and since 2016 also in the Dance Republic studio. As a dancer she has collaborated with Mininal, Dnipro Body Project and the dance community
Увімкнені. She is the co-author of the Dnipro ImproLab project and the author of Dnipro Sight specific lab (2021). She has directed and choreographed My Type of Freedom (2021), Humanity (2020) for the Prosto People company. As a choreographer and dancer, she has worked in the AltStage project. With Olga Goncharova she created the dance production Please Repeat. She has won awards for her choreographic work at Adonata fest (Kharkov), The Challenge (Kiev), Orange Pelican Fest (Dnipro), Plastilin Fest (Kharkov).


Choreography and dance: Anastasia Kuzmichova (UA)

Arrangement and Piano: Daniel Špiner (SK)

Vocal: Mila Medvedovska (UA)

Sound producer: Andrew Karachun (UA)

Created as part of a scholarship awarded by the Slovak Arts Council.

Inner power, your light, your core gives you an opportunity to stand, feel and overcome trouble and pain. Project “M.U.M” is about the change a woman feels when pregnant, when she gives life and when she guides the kids through the life.

It’s an experiment on emotional, movement and energetic level.

The female role when the child needs her the most… and a sense of loss when a child steps alone into the world…

This work is a prayer…

It’s about Faith, Hope, Love.

It’s about the world and the darkness that lives in each of us.

It’s about our childhood, about the time when trees were big… It’s about the woman-guardian, the woman-symbol, the woman-legend…