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 1st October 2019

A4 – space for contemporary culture

Finding the steps in an ecstasy of joy. The logo of HORSE is a Chinese character made of three horses, indicating the strong motivation, explosive energy. Founded in December 2004, HORSE has established a distinctive profile with delicate physical movements and unrestricted creativities. The unique and collaborative style brings the current generation beyond the standard frame of stage performances. The artistic policy of HORSE is to provide a platform for the creative expression of Taiwan’s dance artists. By regularly staging works of Taiwanese choreographers as well as commissioning international artists to set pieces on the company, HORSE aims to create a fertile ground for mutual stimulation and to establish a repertoire of “changeable”, “multi- faceted” and “diverse” styles. Review Extracts Unencumbered and unconventional the performance creates a brand new choreographic language. Innovative in form and concept they open up a new perspective on and in contemporary dance….

General Director: SU Wei-Chia; Artistic Director: CHEN Wu-Kang; Producer: HUANG Wen


Wei-Chia was born in Kaohsiung. He graduated from the National Academy of Arts and was inspired by Prof. Su-Fen Wu during his studies. He is the co-founder of HORSE and has created (co-created) performed in M_dans,StairsVelocity(winner of the Performing Award category of the 6thAnnual Taishin Arts Awards), Bones, Growing UpM_Dans 2010, Successor I, II, III, 2 Men(winner of the first place of the 2013 Kurt-Joos-Preis), 3 Men on a HORSE, andPlay dead. Accepting an invitation from Eliot Feld, the distinguished American choreographer, Wei-Chia was a part of Feld’s troupe from 2009 to 2013. Zeppoan Intermission in 3 Actswas tailor-made for him during this period. He was the Artist-in-Residence of the NTCH in 2016. Wei-Chia began his choreographic work on the FreeSteps series in the last part of 2013. Work on this series is still ongoing. Its performance at Avignon CDC- Les Hivernales was acclaimed with FreeStepsbeing described as “a succession of shocks that drive the imagination into obscure and delicious depths.


FreeSteps – Body Scenes (2017)

Choreography: SU Wei-Chia

Sound Design: Yannick Dauby

Light Design: LIU Chia-Ming

Performed by: CHEN Wu-Kang, FANG Yu-Ting


FreeSteps is a ten-years-project initiated by SU Wei-Chia since 2013. The project is aiming to explore the most primitive status of dance and to re-explore the possibilities of dancing. The proposition in FreeSteps, is how choreography can be simply and persistently about the body, especially in today’s world. The practice of Wei-Chia, is to peel off various layers of body characteristics and textures within set limitations – very often not repeating previous FreeSteps. It takes time, in many cases a long relationship between Wei-Chia and the dancer, to shape, to massage, and to sculpture the movements and physicality. Presented in TIFA 2017 (Taiwan International Arts Festival), Experimental Theatre, Taipei Nov. 2017, National Taichung Theater Nov. 2017, Shenzhen, China

No matter in making a few effortless turns or in extending clean-cut lines with accurate energy, the dancers’ interactions with each other revealed exchange of such honest feelings that it was very touching. — Lin Ya-Ting

The creativity that sparked throughout the performance made this physical game all the more intriguing.

— Hsu Kai-Chen

Horse, as a successful ensemble with a strong identity, is full of potential and prospects. —…it was a feast of evocative, playful small dances showcasing the supple physicality and subtle dramatic gifts of its performers.— Jennifer Dunning