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Bratislava in Movement | JO STRØMGREN KOMPANI
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13 October 2018, 8.00 pm

Municipal Theatre POH


was founded in 1998 and from its base in Norway it has grown to become one of the most successful independent groups in Scandinavia.


The company has been touring more than 50 countries so far, and around 150 performances take place annually both in large national theatres and small alternative venues all over the world. JSK’s home stage in Oslo is the Norwegian Opera House, where Jo Strømgren is Choreographer in Residence


Our style is characterized by a peculiar mix of dance and theatre, with a distinct and often very physical humor combined with darker, political undertones. Another trademark is the extensive use of nonsensical language, and in the recent years a playful use of voiceover. JSKoffers a standing repertoire of 10-12 different performances, covering a broad range of genres. Variations of dance theater is our most typical form, but we also have pure theater performances and puppet performances. JSK also offers performances for young audiences.


Direction, script, choreography: Jo Strømgren
Music: Mísia, Pergolesi, Sepultura, trad. doudouk music
Set design: Jo Strømgren
Lighting design: Eirik Brenne Torsethaugen

Costumes: Bregje van Balen
Sound design: Lars Årdal, Ola Erik Blæsterdalen
Performers: Vânia Doutel Vaz / Charlott Utzig, Mikkel Are Olsenlund, Ivar Örn Sverrisson, Dag Rune Sjøli / Erik Rulin.
Co-production: The Norwegian Opera & Ballet, Bærum Kulturhus – Regionalt Kompetansesenter for Dans.
Supported by: Arts Council Norway
Language: Nonsensical Icelandic
Premiere: Praha, Česká republika/Czech Republic., 17.10. 2016

© Knut Bry / Tinagent


THE VIRUS takes place in a near future where something has gone terribly wrong. The source of the misery is found in a small desolate bunker: a machine that is infecting the world with a horrible virus. A small team sees the opportunity to solve the problem and give the world a restart, and an android is hired for the dangerous mission. But it turns out that even machines can have their own will, conscience and not least a very charming personality.

THE VIRUS is a whimsical étude on the future visions of popular culture. Where classical drama strives for rigour in dramaturgy and themes, science fiction is dominated by improbable stories, logical errors and excessive pathos. Fictional frames are adequate for portraying human shortcomings and fears though. Furthermore, the performers communicate with nonsensical language. For those who have grown up with Chewbacca it should however be easily grasped, at least associatively.

JO STRØMGREN KOMPANI has continuously reinvented itself through an extreme variation of genres, from puppet theatre to large scale dance performances, from Ibsen to new drama, from film productions to provocative documentarism, from nerdy slideshow lectures to populistic entertainment. THE VIRUS marks the company’s return to a formula which has been in hibernation for nearly a decade: the nonsensical language melodrama. The blend of intriguing storytelling, extrovert gestures, nonsensical language, and large portions of dance is considered by many to be the company’s signature and backbone, implemented as a solid reference through touring in almost 60 countries.