15 October, 8:00 pm

Municipal Gallery Bratislava

Mirbach Palace


Iryna Plotnikova is a choreographer and dance teacher, curator of educational courses for dancers, choreographers and teachers in Ukraine. She is head teacher at Totem Dance School in Kyiv. She has worked as a director and choreographer in theatres in Ukraine. She has created more than 300 dance miniatures. She has received several awards for her choreographic work (YAGP Choreography Award Barcelona, Grand Prix de la Dance Italy, World of Dance 1 award Junior Devision solo). She is a triple winner of the ZelenkaFest Young Choreographers Award.


Choreography: Iryna Plotnikova

Performed by: students of Totem Dance School, Kiev

Created as part of a scholarship awarded by the Slovak Arts Council.


Drawing attention to the war in Ukraine and exploring the role of women in it. On February 24, 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine and unleashed a war. This event forever changed the course of history. From now on, people’s lives will never be the same. Hearing air raid sirens at night during that traumatic and stressful time has forever changed body’s reaction to that sound. This fact will become the main topic of research in this project.

The role of a woman in a war is to remain herself; transform, adapt, but, as before, be herself.