12th October / 7:00 PM

Štúdio 12

Katarína Brestovanská

Katarína Brestovanská is Slovak choreographer and dancer, based in Slovakia and Germany. She grew up with music, studied piano interpretation and choral singing. Her works intertwine dance with music, musical composition, digital and experimental technologies. Katarína Brestovanská established the EN VORENTOE dance project in 2021, which encompasses her previous achievements in art productions. It grows with the label bearing cooperation, ingenuity, finesse, multidimensionality, sometimes minimalism, another time quantity. For art piece Codes of Bach she closely collaborates with the musician Ján Kružliak jr.

Ján Kružliak Jr.

Ján Kružliak Jr. graduated in violin from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and at the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark. In addition to his major, he studied sound and music direction at the State Conservatory Bratislava, Slovakia. His main focus is historically interpreted “old music” in the Slovak ensembles such as Solamente naturali and Musica Aeterna. He is co-recipient of the grand prix at the New Drama festival 2010 for music to the theatre production The Wedding Project and co-winner of the Dosky award 2008 for best scenic music for the project Canto Hondo for the alternative dance theatre elledanse. Thanks to his flexibility and versatility, he has become a sought after chamber and solo musician. Currently he leads the string ensemble Spectrum Quartett.




Concept, choreography: Katarína Brestovanská

Dance: Edita Antalová, Anna Fauro, Shaked Tadmore, Lukáš Záhorák, Jozef Vaľo / Zuzana Náprstková

Music: J.S. Bach, Concerto in D minor BWV 1052, Ján Kružliak Jr.

Performed by: Spectrum Quartett: Ján Kružliak Jr. — 1st violin, principal, Miroslav Vilhan — 2nd violin, Branislav Bielik — cello, Peter Dvorský — viola, Adam Štefunko — harpsichord

Costumes: Silvia Fröhlich Zrebná

Production: En Vorentoe o.z. — Katja Thalerová, Soňja Tatić

Technical support: Bratislava Cultural and Information Center — BKIS, Slavomír Šmálik

Production: En Vorentoe o.z. — Katja Thalerová, Soňa Tatić, SE.S.TA Center for Choreographic Development — Katy Uhrová, Platform for Contemporary Dance.

Co-production: Bratislava Cultural and Information Center BKIS, SE.S.TA Center for Choreographic Development

The performance was supported by: Slovak Arts Council, Bratislava Foundation, BSK – Bratislava Municipality Region,  Embassy of the State of Israel

The partners of the event: Telocvičňa – Residential Center for Dance, Platform for Contemporary Dance, ZUŠ J. Kresánka Bratislava

CODES OF BACH is a fusion of baroque music and contemporary dance. It´s background is

Concerto in D minor – BWV 1052 for harpsichord and string orchestra, by the Baroque composer J. Bach. In the piece we work with the coded principles of the score and its translation into contemporary music and dance. By finding the principles in the “coding” of the score

we work with the relationships between music and dance, between the different layers of music and layers of movement material, and the relationships between baroque and contemporary.