mimoOs&col. (SK)

20 October, 8:00 pm

Nová Cvernovka


mimoOs o.z. represents the artistic and educational activities of four graduates of the dance department at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Barbora Janáková, Eva Priečková, Silvia Sviteková and Andrej Štepita are independent professional creators, performers and teachers in the field of contemporary dance, movement theatre and performance. They collaborate with acclaimed performers and choroegraphers (L. Bobalik, S. Tonková, K. Matúšová, J. Viňarský, A. Lachký, J. Korec, M. Poláková, P. Šavel, A. Petrovič, P. Fornayová, L. Holinová, L. M. M. Balážová, Z. Méndez Marín, M. Lacová, J. Hajdyla, M. Hriešik, S. Pregrad, Z. Žabková, M. Štefančíková, D. Raček, S. Vlčeková, J. Vlk and others) and participate in international internships (Erasmus+: BE, CZ; Int. Project Dijon, FR; SMASH Berlin, GER; 1st-2nd China-CEEC Summer Dance Camp, CN; BIDE Barcelona, ES; SEAD, Salzburg, AT, Ponderosa, Berlin, GER). All four are active performers (Feeling Awareness, d-BODY-m, Dual, Assemblage, ShSssh…It ́ll be ok!, Niveau Stable, Watch Now, Indigo, Sapiens Territory, Endless Shift, The Decline of the West, Green is the Grass, etc.). They have presented their work in domestic and international festivals (Bratislava in Movement, Pohoda Festival, Kiosk, Move Ho!, reSITE, Front@, New Drama, Tanzimpulze, Fintdaz, Nu Dance Fest, Novotvar, Nah Dar Ext., Návrat z ticha, etc.). They have created original projects (Touch, Do Dna, Naive to the bone, Moving Mountains, Another Song in Silence, Millennial Magic Mirror, Prešívané niťou, Pamäť betónu, Diaries of Touch, NO ON, Timeout Burn out). In 2018, they founded the Telohra educational program and have organized a series of workshops.


(The Energy That Shapes Us)

Concept and choreography: Peter Šavel

Movement material and dance: Barbora Janáková, Eva Priečková, Silvia Sviteková, Andrej Štepita, Jaro Viňarský, alternácia / alternation: Miroslava Stašková, Peter Šavel.

Music: Marián Zavarský

Lighting design and technology: Juraj Čech

Costumes and scenic visuals: Laura Štorcelová

Project management and production: Barbora Janáková

Production: Andrea Tušimová

PR: Juraj Bilény, Katarína Šipöcz Svobodová

Internship: Irene Márquez

Costume production: B.C.M. Fashion style

Videorecording: Noro Knap

Graphic design: Ivana Kleinová

Logo: Timur Aloev

Photos: Nina Pacherová

Production: mimoOs

Co.production: Studio Alta, Nová Cvernovka

Partners: Fond na podporu umenia, Bratislavský samosprávny kraj, Erazmus+, Telocvičňa – Rezidenčné centrum pre Tanec a performatívne umenie (koordinuje: Platforma pre súčasný tanec), NuDanceFest, TELOHRA, BRaK, Nadácia VÚB, Nadácia mesta Bratislavy

Residency: International Visegrad Fund Studio Alta, A-I-R 2022 REZI.DANCE v lese Komařice/in the Komařice forest

The creation of the performance was supported by the Slovak Arts Council using public resources.

TETSU is a dance quintet, which was formed in close connection with the musical composition.

The basis of the musical composition structure and the whole work is inspired by the Chinese wuxing system (known in Japan as gogyō). This system holistically names five phases, processes, elements, movements … – appearing in the universe, in nature or in human life. Similar principles can be found in the European environment, in pagan or Celtic customs, which were an equally creative stimulus for the team.

It is possible to look at TETSU as at a fire around which we sit, dance, live. We perceive as it grows stronger and weakens. Sometimes, we need to look away from its glow, other times we want to blow at to fan the flames.

We can look into its flickering flames; connect through them with the archetypes of humanity or with personal memories. Maybe after a while, we notice how we gently move in a common rhythm when looking at the fire… In a rhythm reminiscent of a heartbeat. What can vibrate and go through the bodies involved in such a group experience? An experience conditioned by the energy of dancers in harmony with the unceasing stream of music and movement?

TETSU is a celebration of movement and life energy. It is the energy that shapes us.

TETSU is an iron that forges five dancing bodies in an atmosphere of changing dynamic, tonic and rhythmic phases of music.